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In amt. every life cycle decision is important. We take care of everything to have as little impact as possible.





In amt. we design thinking in the future. 
Our designs consider the next life of the piece as well as its first. Designing in a circular way ensures that a piece is sustainable in the long run. Using materials that have already lived their first life, we are able to create pieces that will live tomorrow. 


We choose our materials with environmental friendliness to ensure that we do not compromise the future of the planet. This is why 85% of our references have sustainable properties. Our main mission is to provide durability through natural, ecological and recycled fibers.



Working with factories close to our office helps us to promote the work of the local community and at the same time generate synergies with the population that will then wear our pieces. As well as promoting Spanish industry throughout Europe.


Local stores

Our priority is to sell in local sales points, promoting small business in major European cities. We believe that reducing transactions of our garments is as important as using sustainable materials. Each individual shipment from online store make to increase impacts, for that reason in amt. we have an online shop to make our products available to everyone, but we focus our main sales in local stores, were people can see and try garments avoiding also returns or extra shipments.



Once the season is over, all our stock left goes to a local outlet to be given a new opportunity.
We collaborate with “Moltacte” a social outlet in our hometown Manresa. They are a chain of outlets that offer brands an alternative outlet for their stocks, while integrating people with disabilities into the labour market, creating a healthy working environment based on trust and awareness of community.

Take care of your garments

 Most of the impact of clothes is derived from usage stage, and its in your hands to reduce it.
Our recommendations are do not wash the garment every time you use it, only when it is it is stained or really needs to be washed, you will save energy and water. Try to hand wash it or use a delicate wash at 30º if the material allows it. Avoid the drier and iron low. Knitted garments must be dried horizontally to maintain the shape and we also recommend you to keep them folded in the wardrobe to maintain the garment as the first day.
"To make sure what indications you should follow check the garment label specifications."



To avoid unnecessary waste and extend the life of our garments we encourage you to repair our pieces whenever they are damaged.
We make long lasting clothing but sometimes you can’t prevent it from breaking. We want you to use our pieces forever for that reason we love to repair them always we can. Write us an email to and we will help you.  When we design we think how to make the piece the most durable possible. We create a unique, basic and timeless design wearable season after season without going out of style.